Finished Project: Russian Doll Dress

Now that spring might actually be hitting Southern Ontario, I can start to wear the results of all the sewing that has gone down this winter. It was a long one for us up here, so there is quite the backlog of projects!

I have some photos to share of my Russian Doll dress, inspired by one of my style (and cool girl) icons, Zooey Deschanel.  She wore this on an episode of her sticom, The New Girl. I don’t have any idea if the show is any good or not, I just watch it to see that Zooey is going to wear.


Zooey’s version was called “Doll In a Dress” and sold on ModCloth for $295, plus about $40 shipping to Canada. (And a CRAZY customs charge I always seem to get hit with when I order from They are targeting me, I swear!!)

Obviously, I could not get away with spending so much on a dress so I put my sewing skillzz to work and copied the crap out of the original design.

I used Michael Miller’s Russian Doll fabric for the self-drafted box pleated skirt and a beautiful royal blue suiting fabric bought at my local Fabricland. Sometimes I do get lucky there.

The bodice is my old standby bodice pattern the Cambie by Sewaholic. It always fits so well.

I love this dress and feel very twee in it (in the best possible way). I am so smug pleased with myself that it turned out so well, despite the wonky zipper insertion at the back (no pictures of it, it will ruin my mood). My version cost $40 start to finish. Take that, Canada customs!!

Ha!  I thought I heard my husband coming down the stairs and I did not want to deal with his snickering and rolling his eyes as I shot these photos.

Ha! I thought I heard my husband coming down the stairs and I did not want to deal with any snickering as I shot these photos. It was a false alarm.

Russian Doll Dress 032

Russian Doll Dress 021

Russian Doll Dress 025

Sassy Sears catalog pose!

Sassy Sears catalog pose!

Cheeky Sears catalog pose!

Cheeky Sears catalog pose!

Smug Sears catalog pose

Standard Sears catalog pose.

Hope you like it! Can’t wait to get some sun on my legs and wear this finally!