Anyone who knows me well knows that I have an unhealthy love of pies. This passion for pies is the very thing that got me started sewing:

I found this beautiful retro-inspired dress made out of pie fabric (!) from ModCloth.com and became obsessed.

Pie dress

Photo Credit: Modcloth

After paying over $140 to purchase the dress and have it shipped it arrived and I was………..underwhelmed. For that kind of cash, I expected a custom fit, fully lined dress and what I got was a cute frock with loose buttons and a scratchy zipper.

I searched online for other dresses made of a similar fabric and found the exact fabric this dress was made from. I had always assumed that the fabrics used in commercially made garments must be unique to the clothing industry. This got my wheels going………if I could find the fabrics that went into the $100 dresses I was coveting, could I have these dresses made? I hurried upstairs, grabbed my pie dress and took a good look at how it was constructed. It didn’t look too involved a style. If I learned to sew, could I make something similar?

Armed with a $60 Singer Traditional base model sewing machine and NO previous sewing experience, I embarked on my sewing journey.

A new world of possibilities was open to me, only limited by my imagination, paypal balance and skill level. I’m what I would classify as and enthusiastic and sometimes impatient beginner. (Advanced sewers probably will see my finsihed product and cringe.) My modest (yeah. tell my husband that) fabric stash was begun, purchased on Etsy and Fabric.com (my faves!).

Patterns were hoarded. Late nights ensued. Seams were ripped out. Again and again. But dresses were made! To my surprise, they didn’t fall apart the first time I used them and they didn’t look at all like Theo Huxtable shirt from The Cosby Show!


I was hooked. For reals. My day job as a work-at-home-mom and chef/baker is represented in this blog as I chronicle the recipes I create inspired by each new sewing venture and track my progress.

Thank you for reading!





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