Hands up if you like carbs….I like carbs!!!

And here’s the perfect way to enjoy them…….in a dress version.  Not to say I didn’t scarf some pastries while sewing this.  It was just too  tempting.  Baguettes, doughnuts, crullers, bread, bagels, they’re all here to enjoy against a delightful mint background.  Thank you Alexander Henry fabrics  for creating the loveliest carb-loaded fabric ever.

bread dress 010

I looove this fabric.  The colours in person are very rich and something about the subject matter really appealed to me……no shock there!  As a chef-by-day and owner of my own cooking studio/personal chef service, any and all novelty food fabrics could make their way into my stash, though my husband has “saved” me from ordering this deviled egg fabric on more than one occasion.  I’m still not convinced it shouldn’t belong to me.

I used my favourite non-indie pattern for the bodice, Butterick 5748.  I’ve used this pattern many, many times, but this is the first time I’d made view A with the little cut-out at the front neckline.  Not sure why I waited so long, as it is a very pretty and unique detail, though next time I might use some fusible interfacing to help stiffen it up a little.  I lined the dress bodice with a silky mint green polyester mystery fabric that was $1.50 a metre from Fabricland.  I bought the mint green lining for my Jem-inspired dress that is next up in my sewing and bogging queue.

bread dress 006

For the skirt, I adapted the By Hand London Elisalex skirt by making it an A-line rather than a tulip style.  I tried several different pleat options before settling on this one, thank goodness for my dress form as I was able to test them pleats by sticking her with pins all over rather than myself!  Way to take one for the team, Diana.  Also, I added pockets, because obviously a pocketed-dress is far superior to a non-pocketed one.

I gave this dress a lapped zip, by far my favourite zipper treatment at the moment, and it turned out quite well, I think.

bread dress 008


bread dress 003

I have worn this dress a few times already, and I’m happy that it will become one of my more wearable dresses.  I seem to make copious amounts of dresses, but reach for only a handful on a regular basis.  Do you find this with your sewing?  That you seem to wear only a few pieces over and over?  What sets those wearable ones apart from the non-wearable?

For me it often comes down to “can I wear this without any fussy specialty undergarments?”

Example:  I love the look of circle skirts, but not the look of the wind carrying them up and over my head, which happened once last week as I was waiting outside my cooking studio for my ride.  It had been too hot to wear a crinoline and I had been in the hot kitchen all day so I didn’t wear a slip either.  Has anyone ever had this happen to them before?  Is there a trick to making sure your circle skirts don’t parachute up to reveal your jazzy (or decidedly un-jazzy) underwear?  Please share!!


10 thoughts on “Hands up if you like carbs….I like carbs!!!

  1. OOOOOoooo this turned out fab! I love the a-line and the bodice patter together. So fun! I DO love carbs too. 🙂

  2. Jenny!! This dress is amazing!! I really think the deviled egg fabric should be yours. Did you see the donut fabric at Fabricland? It’s on sale!

  3. Hands in the air and waving madly! I love my carbs! Very cute fabric Jenny!

  4. Cute dress! Thank your husband for changing your mind. Much cuter than the egg fabric!

  5. I love the fabric! The former pastry chef in me says, OF COURSE, every dress should be covered in pastries. It’s really quite lovely.

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