Sew Dolly Clackett Challenge: Maple Cream Polkadot Dress

It’s quite obvious from my blog title that I like pies.

Being a chef, I really love food.  I adore working with my hands and creating food that people will enjoy.  I cook every day, mostly all day and NEVER get tired of it.  I may BE tired, but never of cooking.  Only, perhaps, of smelling like food,cleaning up a kitchen and being on my feet all day.

Of all the things to make, my favourite has to be a pies. Hands down. They smell intoxicating while baking and there is always a bit of alchemy involved in taking some very humble ingredients and using your hands to create something wonderful that looks so unlike the original ingredients.

Pies are also a delayed gratification food.  Usually there are many steps that require completion, many hoops to jump through before you can enjoy the finished product.  I guess I’m a sucker for the anticipation.

All of this lead up to reveal that I have made another dress and baked another pie.  Behold the Maple Cream Polkadot dress, my latest offering in the Sew Dolly Clackett Challenge hosed by the lovely Sarah at Rhinestones and Telephones:


The Maple Cream Pie Dress. By Hand London Anna bodice and circle skirt.

The day I finished this dress, I also made this:

pie maple

Maple Cream Pie. Recipe to follow soon in my “recipes” section!!

It just makes sense to me to celebrate a dress with a pie.  Of course that makes sense as pie is the perfect way to celebrate anything.  (Like it being a day!  In the week!!  Yay!!  Where’s the pie?)  How do you celebrate the finishing of a project?

Anyways, this dress in all of it’s Maple and Cream- coloured glory was inspired by my sewing idol, Roisin of Dolly Clackett fame.  She loves her some polkadot fabric and I know that she would approve of this dress and the pie.  (Has she ever had Maple Cream Pie, I wonder, or is that just a VERY Canadian thing?)


Maple Cream Polkadot dress 007

Keepin’ it classy with some gloves, ladies.

I used the amazing Anna dress bodice pattern and paired it with a circle skirt as Roisin has done before too.  Use the circle skirt app from By Hand London.  It’s fabulous!

I lined the bodice in some buttery raspberry coloured bemberg and left the skirt unlined as this fabric was quite a heavy medium-weight cotton and didn’t need it.  The fabric, by the way, was $1 a metre in the Fabricland bargain table.  Um, yes please!

Maple Cream Polkadot dress 011

I inserted a lapped zip and though it looks wonky in this photo, I did a rather nice job when you see it in person.  The only problem was the zipper is not long enough so watching me struggle into this dress one limb at a time is not pretty.


But I think the dress is!


Maple Cream Polkadot dress 008

And it’s swirly!

Maple Cream Polkadot dress 012

And I was nice and shared the pie.

I was good that day.

And so was my daughter!  She took these lovely photos of me all by herself.  Thanks, sugar pie 🙂


She likes the black and white ones.  Good girl.

She likes the black and white ones. Good girl.


15 thoughts on “Sew Dolly Clackett Challenge: Maple Cream Polkadot Dress

  1. I think it’s absolutely beautiful! Now that I’ve cut my teeth on circle skirts. I may have to try one with the Anna bodice – it’s a perfect combination. And I’m sure Dolly Clackett would scoff that pie in a millisecond! x

  2. What a simply gorgeous dress! The colour is lovely on you, and it fits perfectly. And the pie looks divine…. yum.

  3. Lovely dress and it suits you so well.

  4. I love the cap sleeve. Such a nice detail. I also love the sound of maple cream pie. I’m impressed that your favourite thing to bake are pies. I think I’ve made grand total of two pies in my whole life. Pastry is not my friend. Things like maple and cream may make me face my nemesis though.

  5. Fantastic dress! What a terrific job. It reminds me of Julia Roberts’ spotted dress in Pretty Woman.

  6. Hey Jenny! Wow! I’ve just been to flickr and see how busy you’ve been! Great dresses, all! This polka dot gem is beautiful, and it does make me think of Vivian’s polo dress. I’ve been thinking of making this dress for the upcoming Project Sewn.

    • I have been suuuper busy with “Dolly” dresses and I still have a few more to come. She inspires me to no end!
      I think you’d make an amazing version if this dress! Can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve for project sewn 😉
      Jenny xox

  7. […] ← Sew Dolly Clackett Challenge: Maple Cream Polkadot Dress […]

  8. Such a great dress! It looks fantastic on you. I have been umming and ahhing about this pattern because I wasn’t sure about the skirt, but now l’ll try it with a different skirt.

    • Hi Esther- I was unsure about the skirt too, not really my style. To date, I have made it with a circle skirt, a gathered skirt, a pleated version and a pencil skirt. It’s very versatile. I’d highly recommended it.

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